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Article: Lone Flag: Del Mar, CA

Lone Flag: Del Mar, CA

Lone Flag is THE shop in San Diego. To be represented in this space is not something we take for granted. After all, it was the very first store to which we showed our line. Read below for our Q&A with Lone Flag owner Sam Larson. He discusses the evolution of the shop, his favorite spots in San Diego, and how they go about educating the community about the well-made goods they carry.What is the story behind the name Lone Flag? I knew that down the road I wanted to have products for our vertical collection that stood alone in feel and fit and weren't over-branded. There was a concept in my head of pieces that just had a single black flag in them for branding as a moniker and the name came from there...hence "Lone Flag."

How do you go about educating your customers/community about the value of well-made goods? We love the education process.'s hard at times since our modern consumer is largely under the impression that everything should be cheap and disposable. What's fun though, is that most people who are exposed to product with more story and are educated in a friendly, approachable, and passionate way genuinely become huge fans of what we stock and advocates for the process there. It's a pretty inclusive concept if approached right.

What is your process for selecting the brands you carry? Well-made, aesthetically-driven, and have a genuine personal approach to the relationship with our store and brand. Those are our filters. We have to stand behind the product and the details, then have a great working relationship with the brand itself. Generally speaking, we are exclusive to San Diego in almost every brand as well so we feel committed to marketing and selling it well in our region.

3 essentials every man should own? A pair of denim that fits well, a fitted neutral woven, and a basic tee.

How has Lone Flag evolved since its inception? We are much more focused on being a destination space and one that is more service-oriented. For instance, we will hem your denim on site in person for convenience and we will work to size individual guests into their exact pieces. We're also much more collaborative with the brands we work with in producing special make-up/co-branded goods. It's boring if we stock generic pieces only, there has to be some exclusive product continually dropping that keeps everyone on their toes. Limited edition pieces are our favorites.

Best cup of coffee in San Diego? Copa Vida is a personal favorite. We'll be working with them on our new concept space in Liberty Station with Moniker and it's a coffee-lovers dream come true.

Off the clock activities? What's off the clock mean? Haha, sort of. Small business is 24 hours a day. But outside of Lone Flag, I work a ton on our other business Other Sons as well as my wife's brand Rylee + Cru, and if there is any time left I enjoy running, surfing, reading and dadding my kids.

Favorite beach in San Diego? We all surf Del Mar the most due to proximity to the shop, but Sunset Cliffs in Pt. Loma is probably a favorite.

Dream car? My 2002 Tacoma. It gets me everywhere I need to go with carseats in the back. Dadmobile.

Favorite artist? Michael Sieben rules. He doesn't take anything seriously, which is refreshing.