Founder of Wheat & Co, Nashville TN

We are proud to be working with the team over at Wheat & Co., located in Nashville, TN. The beautiful boutique and the people who stand behind it are dedicated to providing their customers with the "cream of the crop" of U.S.A. made product. Wheat & Co. has chosen to work with brands and designers who work closely with the production of their product, in order to encourage ethical working conditions and guarantee superior quality. We could not be more honored to be working with these guys. 

Here's our "Fast Five" with Dan Rouse, founder of Wheat & Co:

1. Signature outfit: Denim, denim, denim, boots
2. Go-to drink: Bud heavy
3. Favorite food: Pizza all day, everyday
4. Listening to on-repeat: Sylvan Esso
5. Mode of transportation: 1981 Yamaha XS 400