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Founder of AB Fits, San Francisco CA


Since its launch more than two decades ago, San Francisco's AB Fits has always been committed to providing quality denim and doing so with a personal touch. Though the shop's product offering has expanded since those early days, they are still focused on finding and fitting the best denim available. We are pleased to be working with Howard and his team who are all dedicated to putting customers in clothes that embody character and quality.

Here's our "Fast Five" with Howard Gee from AB Fits:

1. Signature outfit: I suppose my style is soft tailored, with a hat. I do love to wear vests, and of course I'm often in denim. Actually, I'm always in denim.
2. Style icon: My dad
3. Can’t live without: Mary, my wife
4. Culture fix: San Francisco is my cultural fix.
5. Mode of transport: '69 Volvo 122 Amazon

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