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Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Located on historic Tennyson Street in Denver, Colorado, Berkeley Supply specializes in American made menswear and goods. We are gearing up for FIRST FRIDAY (Sept. 4th) at Berkeley Supply and thought we'd give you some insight into the man behind the shop. We sat down with owner Eli Cox and rapped out about raw denim, guilty pleasures, and what every man should own.

FAST FIVE with Eli Cox of Berkeley Supply

1. Describe Berkeley Supply in 3 words: Things That Last

2. Every man should own: One GREAT car or motorcycle. I am not saying it has to be fancy or expensive, just make sure it’s great. I don’t care if it is a $200 dirt bike from the 70’s or a half rusted out MK1 Scirocco, just make sure at some point you own something that makes the corners of your lips turn up. I own a $1500 MK2 Volkswagen GTI, and I could not be happier every single time I get in it. The internet or fucking Instagram will make you believe you need a 100K short wheelbase air-cooled 911 or some dumb bobber you can’t even ride outside of the city limits, it’s not true, it’s not the way it has to be. Find something fun, something that runs, and ride or drive the ever loving shit out of it.

3. Longest you've gone without washing raw denim: Honestly, not all that long. I would say one year? But even then it is probably not true. I get caught a lot in the rain without rain gear on short rides and my jeans get soaked. I love the “Idea” of not washing my denim for a long long long time, then I go get BBQ and don’t have a napkin and half of it ends up getting wiped on my jeans, and I need to wash ‘em.

4. Mode of transport: 2011 Harley Davidson, 1992 Volkswagen GTI

5. Guilty pleasure: Seasons 1-10 of Friends

If you're in the Denver area, please join us Friday, September 4th, from 6-10pm for beers and the release of Freenote's Fall 2015 Collection. 4309 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO.