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Article: Ingredients


We spend a great deal of time sourcing the best materials we can find. From the buttons to the thread to the leather accents, each ingredient used in our clothing is chosen with purpose and discretion. 

We source our denim from small mills throughout Japan and domestically from Cone Mill in Greensboro, NC. This roll of denim is a custom batch of broken twill from Yoshiwa Mill in Japan. We used antique gold selvedge ticking on this denim for an identifiable yet subtle look. All of our leather trims utilize the same leather used in Red Wing Heritage boots from SB Foot Tannery in Minnesota.Our newest batch of denim labels are made of 100% cotton and are sourced from Italy. All fit names used for our denim are derived from our surrounding area, each with its own story.We letterpress our hangtags locally at Czar Press.