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Premium Deck Short Navy

Sale price$ 200

Quality Guarantee

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Military inspired short

  • Jungle cloth from Japan
  • Elastic waistband
  • Button fly construction
  • Curved patch on pockets with hidden snaps
  • Cotton drawstring from Japan
  • Clean finish interior
  • Rinsed, pre-shrunk 
  • 100% Cotton
  • Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Sewn in USA

    Premium Deck Short <span> Navy </span>
    Premium Deck Short Navy Sale price$ 200

    About the Premium Deck Short Navy

    The Premium Deck Short features Bedford cord (a.k.a Whipcord), the same fabric found on our Mariner Jacket. It is available in three colorways - Gold, Rust, and Navy. This material is a reproduction of the material used on US Navy N-1 Deck Jackets produced during WW2. Out of the box it feels tough and sturdy, and, like our denim, it will soften with wear and washing, developing a unique patina over time.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Nick S.
    I own 6 pairs

    I own 6 pairs of these shorts, well, in different iterations. 2) original olive, 2) camo, 1) in the new khaki brown color and this navy beast of a short.. I guess what I’m saying is this is my favorite short across the board no matter the fabric, the construction, durability, style and oh the waist band… great work guys. The break in on these premium navy pair might be similar to that of mid weight denim but they are spectacular, the material is top notch and well the other reviews covered it all I think. They’ve been pretty hard to get as they sell out fast but if you email freenote they’ll help you find someone who still has them in stock if you can’t get them here. Cheers!

    Harrison M.
    The shorts for people who don’t like shorts

    The other reviewers hit all the positives on these well: unique design and fabric, Kevlar-like sturdiness, nice dimensions. After a few wears, though, I do have some critiques about the waistband/drawstring that, if incorporated in future iterations, would lead me to buy another pair.

    I’m normally a 30/31, which should put me right in the middle of the size S. But I find they sit somewhat awkwardly on my waist, and if I don’t tie them tight enough, they start to sag down because of how heavy they are (not to the point of falling off, just lower than I’d like). If I do tie them tight enough, I find they become somewhat uncomfortable when sitting. Maybe this will get better once they break in and soften up, but too early to tell yet.

    Also, the lack of fly is kind of irritating, especially because the waistband isn’t all that stretchy, which makes using the restroom somewhat problematic. I suppose it would be pretty awkward to have a fly on a drawstring pant, though.

    Having said all that, these are still the greatest shorts I’ve ever owned, and none of the above come closing to being a deal-breaker. Looking forward to seeing how they break in.

    Bradford Davis

    I’m the kind of guy who would wear denim/pants in 90+ degree weather. I thought that’s just what you do if you enjoy fine clothing. That all changed when I put on these shorts.

    These shorts are simply amazing. They are perfect for most occasions. I’ve yet to try them out in the Boardroom, but I can only imagine how that’ll go.

    Another banger. Keep up the great craftsmanship Team.

    The Tank of Shorts

    Note: Most of this is copied from my other deck short review, except for the bit on the different material.

    I've been used to the idea of shorts being somewhat flimsy and disposable. I've had to get new pairs every year after normal wear.

    My goal with buying these was never to never have to buy another pair of shorts ever again, and I believe I've achieved that goal.

    First off, the design... I love the pockets. The curve is super unique, and just enough of a design flourish to be cool and instantly recognizable without being flashy. The cool thing about the positioning of the pockets more toward the front of the legs makes it such that your shorts don't get baggy and saggy when the pockets are full. The potential downside of this design feature is that things can fall out of them when you're sitting down... But this problem is averted by the decision to put snaps on the pocket: anything I put in the pockets is perfectly secure while sitting, and additionally secured when walking.

    Like with alot of things Freenote does, the fit hits the sweet spot: not too short, not too long, not too baggy, not too slim as to constrict movement. Perfect rise so it doesn't bunch up when crouching. The elastic waistband is strong. The jungle cloth is so tanky and sturdy. If I was going to go trekking in the Amazon, or exploring the Serengeti, these would be what I wear. They are moderately stiff and will require some break in. They also have a nice sheen to them!

    The only potential critique I have is that there is no fly... which makes using the restroom a bit more complicated. There might be design reasons for this, but it is something to be aware of.

    Conclusion... worth it! They sell out quickly for a reason.”

    Chris R
    This fabric is so durable!

    You get the same great fit of other Freenote shorts, but the fabric is thick and very durable. I look forward to see how they wear over time. You may gets some interesting fades like jeans.