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Classic Jacket Gold Corduroy

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The classic trucker jacket

  • 7 wale corduroy from Japan
  • Classic zigzag stitch detail
  • Custom metal trims
  • Interior pocket
  • SB Tanning Co leather patch
  • 100% cotton
  • Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Sewn in USA

About the Classic Jacket Gold Corduroy

This jacket was one of the first pieces we designed for the birth of Freenote. It quickly became a staple and we consider it our version of the classic trucker style jacket. We modified the design of the front chest patch pockets by adding a curved shape to the flap and pocket. Switched the typical welt pockets with a pocket built into the front panels of the jacket.
Like our original model we brought back the interior pockets that are perfect for your wallet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Matthew Jorgensen

Please see my new update review under the Espresso color. Sizing-fit is more accurate relative to current FN garment dimension(s) sizing chart.
Absolutely fabulous cord color. I believe you will really like this jacket!

Matthew Jorgensen

While waiting for this gold color to restock, I found a size Large out there at one of Freenote's retailers and went for it. Felt like finding an archive treasure. The garment is fabulous. The hue is a perfect dark brass-brown-gold shade against this timeless silhouette. Functionally, I am 6'2" 170 lbs and it fits very snug but not too tight. The garment chest is ~21", which does not match the current sizing chart that I can tell. Could wish it was half an inch bigger. Nevertheless, I can squeeze in an another layer. Can't wait to wear it in the Fall-Winter season. The fabric texture is great. Sleeves are just right in a relatively long length. We would welcome more FN cord use in a verity of other applications.

Andrew Normolle
Favorite Trucker

Fills out a nice space in my collection. Corduroy is nice and chunky, but still has a very refined texture. Fit is spot on, as you would expect from Freenote. Just need to decide if I want another one in black.

Xavier Ding
Wonderful piece

This jacket is just as good as I imagine it. A wonderful piece of clothing that fits just right! (I'm 1.85 metres tall and got a size M). Highly recommended.

Move over Golden Girls, it's time for the Golden Guys

Imagine you're an Italian Plumber in the mushroom kingdom. Goombas and Koopas surround you as far as the eye can see. As you prepare for the inevitable game over screen, a light suddenly comes shining through from above, and your body is suddenly filled with hope. As you reach out and touch the power star, your body and clothes begin to glow with a golden luster. You stand up, and Bowser's army freezes in horror. As the familiar, uplifting jingle plays, they know, and you know, that world 1-1 is now yours.
While this jacket won’t actually make you invincible, it will it will certainly make you feel that way when you wear it. It won’t make your enemies grovel at your feet, but it will at least get them to begrudgingly acknowledge that your sense of style is superior. Why? Let’s go through the Four Cs.

The Color-
Because of the low whale count, the shine and luster is out of this world. Under soft light the fabric is teddy bear brown, but under harsh light the gold sheen displays its unlimited power. In cold light, the green tones comes out, but in warm light, the yellows shades show their face and make you a believer. The rich, dynamic gold hue simultaneously hits you harder than Mike Tyson on Red Bull, and then soothes you like Mr. Rogers singing you a lullaby on melatonin. Did I mention those copper buttons? They’re like lucky pennies snapped right into your jacket. Noice.

The Cord-
I came for the color but stayed for the cord. Up until getting this jacket, corduroy always reminded me of the pants I used to wear as a child; clunky, baggy, awkward. But everything changed when this jacket attacked. The 7 whale has some serious chonk. It doesn’t hide itself, but boldly displays its old school glory. Run your hands over it, and admire that luxurious, premium handfeel. Like velvet but strong AF. Simply delicious.

The Cut-
This is what brings it all together. If this jacket was baggy and bulky, I would look like Marvel’s lesser known superhero: “90’s Dad Man”. Now there’s nothing wrong with dads. I love dads, some of my best friends are dads. But the way this jacket is cut is just *insert chef’s kiss here*. Just the right amount of crop for that modern trucker jacket look. Just the right amount of slimness such that I can both wear it buttoned without any pulling at the buttons, and unbuttoned while looking form fitting and sleek. Did Freenote kidnap me while I was sleeping and use me as a model for the medium’s measurements? Because I can’t think of another explanation for why this jacket feels made for me. I’m keeping an eye on you design team.

The Conclusion-
Geeze just buy it already.