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Calico Vest Waxed Canvas Black

Sale price$ 200

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  • 10 ounce Martexin wax canvas
  • Southwestern cotton lining from Japan
  • 4 curved welt pocket construction
  • Metal double prong buttons from Kentucky
  • Back cinch detail
  • Repro buckle from Japan
  • 100% Cotton
  • Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Sewn in USA

About the Calico Vest Waxed Canvas Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews


Parker Rivera
Best Versatile Vest

Other than a wool vest for the winter months, this is the best functioning vest I have ever had! I have been wearing this vest basically every day since I got it it January through a myriad of different weather conditions and temperatures. It’s not going to keep you warm when its cold or keep you cool when its hot as blazes out, but everything in between will be just perfect!

I take huge advantage of this vest by using every pocket to hold my crap I end up using every day and also to keep my shirt underneath clean(er) and scuff-free when my dogs get playful with me or when I’m working various jobs that are rough and abrasive. Most days I throw this over a t-shirt when keeping things casual when its warmer out or over a button-up when it gets a bit chillier. Even over a t-shirt looks pretty damn good and not tacky at all, so long as its not a printed shirt that’s underneath. I’ve recoated this vest two times so far, but that’s primarily to keep the water repellency in working condition.

Because of its good looks and quality construction, you can wear this when chilling at home or when you’re out and about without issue. Throw this over a button-down and you’ve got a good looking vest to add some extra spiffiness to your outfit. I’ve worn this over the Calico | Stripe shirt to my cousin’s wedding and got loads of compliments on it!

Since it is waxed canvas, its not going to breath at all so don’t be surprised when your back is sweating after spending some time out in the sun or after doing some work in it. If you’re lounging about or just taking a break in the sun during summer, the vest can help keep the sun off of your back and shoulders for quite a while before you start to get uncomfortable.

This vest has a permanent spot in my wardrobe and I’d say the only other vest I’d feel is needed is a denim vest just to add a little breath ability!


Solid vest and goes well with my jeans.

Mia Grimes

I bought this for my husband as a birthday gift. He absolutely loves it and literally has been wearing it every day. It is really well made and perfectly fits my husbands style. He told me he was going to buy another one for himself in a different color as well!

Chris Robb
A very cool, durable vest!

I have had my eye on this vest for quite awhile and it’s now cold enough to rock it. I am wearing it with my rancher jacket and black Avilas on those cool fall days. I love the button details and the small pockets.