Houston, TX


Manready Mercantile, launched in November 2012 by Travis Weaver, was founded on strong values, honesty and hard work. Manready started off as a small homemade candle company and in a short timeframe developed into a large retail space supporting other USA-made products including apparel, accessories, home goods, apothecary and more. We are proud to be working with these guys and to present our "Fast Five" with their amazing team.

1. Go-to Drink: Old Fashioned

2. Travel Plans: Four trips to Marfa, TX throughout the changes of seasons.

3. Off-the-Clock Activities: Leather working, which is technically an on-the-clock activity since we offer customer leather work and we stock some leather goods that we design and make in-house. It's great to relax and create new goods that we think about in our spare time.

4. Playing On Repeat: Anything Johnny Cash.

5. Style Icon: Steve McQueen, because he absolutely kills it!