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Jory Brigham, insanely talented furniture designer & builder, as well as long time friend of Freenote, is currently participating in the television contest series, “Framework” on Spike. Tonight marks the last episode in which Jory competes with two other contestants for first place in the world of furniture design. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he has a great sense of style & is a humble guy to boot. Check out our interview with him below & be sure to tune in tonight to see who wins.

Off the clock activities: I try to squeeze a surf session in when I have any extra time.

Signature outfit: My Carhartt overalls when I’m working. People might not agree with the way they look, but I have the argument that function follows form.

Go-to drink: Homemade Kombucha in the morning, Cazadores and Sprite in the evening. And the three of them mixed together in the afternoon sometimes.

Can’t live without: It’s becoming increasingly evident to me that I don’t know where I would be without my friends who are smarter than me. So yeah, don’t know if I would actually die, but I live a much better life because of them.

Listening to on-repeat: “Stay Gold,” by First Aid Kit for an album. Or “Alone Again” (originally by Love, but Calexico makes a mean version of it) if we’re talking a song I can’t seem to get sick of. Both of them don’t make me sound too tough, I know, but I’m hoping the overalls and beard compensate.

Hidden talent: Doing extremely weird things in my sleep. 

Bucket list: At this point, I am only focused on growing my business. At some point I want to be able to build whatever I want without having to whore myself out for the things I don’t completely believe in, or stand behind. Bucket lists can be made later in life unless you plan on dying soon.

Compulsively reading: Book smart I am not, but I look the shit outta the pictures in them there design magazines.

Mode of transport: Out of my 78 AMC Pacer, my 68 Triumph Bonneville, and my crusty F-150, I drive the Ford because it’s the most reliable.