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Freenote's In House Patternmaker

Freenote's In House Patternmaker

An architect by trade, Leo leveraged his drafting skills, passion for art & a degree in fashion design to become one of the best patternmakers and technical designers in the business. He's done it all - custom suits for high-profile celebrities; gritty, durable, yet stylish pieces for skaters; and even elaborate costumes for Disney.

Leo is a genius & we are incredibly lucky to have him on our team. Not only is he the one responsible for making sure that every Freenote piece fits like a damn glove, but he is a rad guy to have a drink with at the tradeshows. Leo looks up to Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein & Missoni in the design world; his favorite guilty pleasure is squid with wine; his travel plans include the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Army, Angkor Thom; and he keeps current by reading Wire, GQ, Details, Esquire and DWELL.