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Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Last month we partnered up with Defy Bags and Mildblend Supply Co. in Chicago to throw a Tuesday night rager. We were stoked to get Negative Scanner, a rad post-punk, rock band, play the event - and they absolutely killed it. If you haven't heard them before, treat your earbuds to their music here & then get to know them a little bit better with our quick Q&A with band members Matt & Rebecca.

Signature Outfit
Matt: Jeans (black or blue), button-down shirt. Black t-shirt underneath. A hole somewhere.
Rebecca: I mostly wear really minimal, short black dresses with tights. Military surplus combat boots. Vintage Seiko wrist watch.

Style Icon
Matt: Michel Foucault.
Rebecca: What Matt said, haha. You can't go wrong with a turtleneck under a leather biker jacket.

Guilty Pleasure
Matt: No guilt. Only pleasures.

Go-to Drink
Matt: Water by day, beer by night.

Favorite Food
Matt: Plain white rice.
Rebecca: Coffee and donuts. Chicago has a lot of good doughnut shops, however you want to spell it. I go for classic glazed.

Listening To On-repeat
Matt: Total Control. Wipers. Wire.
Rebecca: Same. Also the LP Klaus Johann Grobe put out last year.

Compulsively Reading
Matt: Thomas Pynchon.
Rebecca: Foucault, same as our style icon. Also Nietzsche.