Orlando, FL

Cloak & Dapper, located in Orlando, specializes in USA-made goods for men including clothing, grooming products & handsome provisions. More than a boutique, the shop founders are proud to offer a space for other creatives to visit, share a cup of coffee, and collaborate - ultimately a sense of community. This week we rapped out with co-founder Calvin Cearley and shared his "Fast Five" below.

1. Off the clock activities: Cooking, making coffee in a new and interesting way, collecting and listening to vinyl, spending time with family.
2. Signature outfit: From the bottom up: worn-in work boots, raw selvedge denim, chambray oxford or loose tee, pomade or baseball cap.
3. Go-to drink:  Craft beer, preferably an American ale. Can’t go wrong with a Gin & Tonic or an Old-Fashioned as well.
4. Can’t live without: My beautiful family. My wife, Jess, of 6 years and our handsome 3 year old son, Crosby. They’re everything.
5. Bucket list: Opening Day with my son at Fenway Park, Gondola through Venice, Italy, anywhere in Ireland - but probably the Guinness Headquarters & plant!