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Riders Jacket Black Goatskin Leather

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  • Tusting & Burnett (UK) - 1.1mm vegetable tanned African goat leather
  • Front pleat detail
  • Moleskin liner from Japan
  • Satin lined sleeves from Japan
  • Elastic bands on interior of jacket for shoulder gusset
  • Custom snaps and metal trims
  • SB Tanning Co leather patch
  • 1/8" double needle stitch detail
  • Interior pocket
  • 40, 42, 44, 46
  • Sewn in USA 

About the Riders Jacket Black Goatskin Leather

The Riders Jacket is a staple in the Freenote Cloth collection, and we have been perfecting this leather version for years. After numerous samples with different leathers and linings, we finally made a leather version of the Riders Jacket that is worthy of the original. The most important aspect of perfecting this jacket was selecting the leather. Working with storied UK tannery Tusting & Burnett, we sourced a vegetable tanned African goatskin. This leather is the pinnacle of sustainability in the world of leather. Although sustainability is not a word commonly associated with leather, this goatskin is made by a farming cooperative in Nigeria where the goats are free-range and farm reared. The village's entire economy revolves around their goats, and villagers exhibit a level of pride and care rarely seen in the livestock industry. The skins are tanned by hand using locally harvested Bagaruwa seeds, and the skins are hand twisted during the tanning process to create a beautiful, natural shrunken grain pattern. This leather is soft and supple, and feels almost as if it stretches slightly. It creates a jacket that feels comfortable almost immediately with virtually no break-in.

Customer Reviews

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This is a beautifully made garment


Freenote Cloth is making beautiful high quality items

Pretty darn happy to have 1 of 16 !!!!!

Started building a small Freenote wardrobe about 4 years ago. Went all in and that’s all I wear. Live in central Texas so I wear a lot of their ranch wear pieces. I Like picking pieces that I can wear out for drinks or dinner that I also feel comfortable wearing daily. For jackets I have the 17oz indigo denim trucker that I leave in the back of my truck and my current winter jacket is the brown CD-4 Ranch jacket. This jacket to me lives up to its description they wrote. I love it and was told they only produced 16 of them so I feel Lucky to have one.