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RJ-2 Denim Shearling

Sale price$ 1,200

Quality Guarantee

Shipped Immediately

Zipper version of the Riders Jacket

  • 20 ounce selvedge denim from Kuroki Mills, Japan

  • Real shearling lining and collar
  • 1/4” double needle stitch detail
  • Action back with elastic bands in the gussets
  • Front pleat detail
  • Quilted sleeve liner
  • Shearing lined welt pockets 
  • Custom metal trims
  • Extra heavy Universal Zipper Japan
  • SB Tanning Co leather patch
  • Updated fit
  • 100% cotton; Lining: 100% Shearling, Sleeve lining 55% cotton, 45% viscose
  • Small, Medium, Large, X-large
  • Sewn in USA




    About the RJ-2 Denim Shearling

    Looking for a heavyweight jacket that is built to last for the winter seasons ahead? You’ve found it. The RJ-2 is lined with hand selected, genuine shearling. The exterior is a rugged 20 ounce raw selvedge denim woven by Kuroki Mills in Japan. The sleeves are lined with custom made quilted satin lining. Leaving no detail to chance, we even special ordered heavy-duty reproduction zippers from Universal Zippers Japan. This jacket is the warmest jacket we have ever produced. It is designed to handle the harshest winters, and built to last a lifetime.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    My go to when the temps drop.

    I’ve had this for a year now. Wanted to get a bit longer term review. I loved it out of the box and it’s turned into my go to.

    Outstanding quality, warmth, and for my size (5’8” 150lb runners build) the small is perfect. It’s slim but I still have mobility.

    From snow walks in the woods to jamming around town, if it’s cold I’m wearing this.

    Fades slowly, and chores/yard work helped it patina. Broke in after the first few weeks of use and seemed to fit /feel better after each wear. At first if felt stiff, but it’s 20 oz denim. Zipper has been rock solid and zero problems. This thing has only gotten better with age.

    Wearing a Piece of Art

    At first, I was super skeptical of this jacket given the price. One day, I was visiting Standard & Strange in NYC and they had it in stock in my size, so I tried it on. Putting it on completely changed my mind. This jacket is the real deal. It's like a wearing a warm cozy hug, a suit of armor and a piece of art all in one. Even the pockets are lined with shearling! I knew I had to get it after trying it out. This is my grail jacket.

    Buy it!

    Great jacket, needs a little bit of break in but after a few weeks it fits like a glove. Really nice quality, you´ll love it. Size up if you are unsure. I´m 183 cm (6 ft.) and 90 kg, fairly athletic build, I use XL, L was way too tight over the shoulders and a bit too short, I have a long torso.

    I wish only for one thing and that is that there would be a way to snap shut the collar when it´s up to prevent cold to get in at the neck.


    This jacket is the real deal: super warm (I live in Ontario, Canada), beautiful construction, and tough as nails. This thing could deflect a bullet; it feels like cozy body armor. Everywhere I go I get compliments.


    Everyone knows this jacket is the business! My take on it is this…

    I had an earlier version on this jacket in size medium. The one without the lined pockets and quilted sleeves. I thought that jacket was damn fine! Problem was it was a bit too tight. Great in a t shirt but I couldn’t layer in it. Decided to upgrade.

    The newer versions are cut a bit more roomy. I tried the medium in the new version and am floored by how much nicer the new version is!! The 2mm longer shearling is much softer and feels warmer. The quilted sleeves are huge!! My arms would get cold in the older version. The lined pockets are un describable. Half fur, half satin. Pure pocket pleasure!!

    I don’t know how these fellas did it, but I can wear this jacket over a tee, heavy flannel, or wool sweater and it never looks bulky. Somehow maintains an incredible profile.

    This jacket will be with me for life!!